Summer Fishing

The hot Arizona weather has arrived.  We are having monsoons with triple digit temperatures.  No matter where you are in the country, it is important to maintain your hydration levels.  A lot of time I am on the water fishing a tournament or just pre-fishing and forget to drink my water.  I learned years ago during my time in foreign deserts, that whatever you drink today is what you use tomorrow.  

We have all been there...whether it is sitting on a mat at Nickajack flipping, or launching at Lake Havasu knowing the high is going to be around 118 that day...if you are trying to get your hydration on the same day you are going to struggle.  I try to drink at least two gallons of water two days before I go out.  I do not stop drinking once I hit the two gallons...but that is the bar that I try to get to before game day.  They do make hydration packets now, but I have not had enough experience with them to know how well they work.

So, from me to you, a lot of this information is and should be common sense, but when we start chasing around our passion, sometimes we overlook common sense.  The worst line I have ever heard in relation to heat injuries..."hand me my pack so I can get the silver bullet" (no it was not for me).  Stay safe and hydrate or die...