Cashion Kayak Series

Kayak Blank Material Science – Cashion designs and builds all blanks in Sanford, NC.  The CK Kayak fishing rod blanks were designed all new from the materials up.  The Kayak fishing rod blanks utilize an American sourced carbon fiber pre-preg with standard modulus fibers.  Cashion introduces new technology in the Kayak fishing rod blanks with an Energy Dissipation Jacket (EDJ).  Let’s face it, due to the nature of kayak fishing, Kayak fishermen can be tough on their equipment.  EDJ adds another layer of protection for the CK Kayak blanks to prevent fracture from impact.  EDJ works as an outer layer around the carbon fibers to absorb and dissipate impacts from hard surfaces.  The sensitivity of the Cashion Kayak blanks will be the first thing you notice.  All Cashion blanks utilize Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB) which creates ultra high bond strengths at the molecular level between carbon fiber and epoxy matrix.  AIB is real material science at work to deliver ultimate sensitivity and durability.  The high modulus interface of AIB facilitates transmission of vibrations down the blank into your palm allowing you to feel everything.  The raw finish of the Cashion kayak fishing rod blanks provide a high-end cosmetic look but very practical epoxy encapsulation of the fibers for even more durability.